Meet The Team

We are a specialist team of psychologists and coaches with management experience in media, sales, law and publishing.

With an eye on the human side of business, we are committed to practical, pragmatic and accelerated outcomes and we will challenge you to think, act and speak in a way that inspires others to succeed.

Maxine Altman

Maxine Altman

Maxine coaches senior level executives and talented high flyers using intuition and tenacity to effect personal growth. A qualified NLP trainer, she regards self awareness as the key to professional success, and helps her clients to model excellence and challenge any obstacles to achieving fulfilment.

Yifhat Arnstein

Yifhat Arnstein

Yifhat has an extensive background in technology, sales, training and coaching. Over the past 20 years she has specialised in industries as diverse as the military, finance, digital advertising and entrepreneurship.

Ros Stone

Ros Stone

Ros has worked for 25 years as a psychologist, coach and mediator, specialising in the legal sector. She has an empathetic style, excellent listening skills and works with humour and humanity, offering sharp and focused insight to her clients.

What Our Clients Say

After working with a number of different coaches my choice was to work with Ros. I found her to be intelligent, clear, warm and with good humour. Above all she was a great ally. With her support I learned to modify my behaviour, resulting in improved relationships both with colleagues and clients.

Partner in Law Firm

I have used Yifhat's services for the past 2 years and she has been instrumental in helping me realize my strengths and weaknesses. With her help I was able to come to the realization that my current job was not setting me on a path for achieving my ultimate career goals.

Director, Professional Services

Ros helped me to find and understand my own strengths and weaknesses and helped to develop these skills in a very practical and hands on manner. Ros is a good listener and provides professional, clear, to the point advice.

Solicitor in City Law Firm

Maxine coaches with a thoroughly educated, worldly and gentle counsel. The journey is a deep inflection of ancestral influence and personal awareness. I leave each week determined, motivated and realized; Maxine has shown me an enlightened path, and that journey begins and ends with me.

Lead Technology Consultant

After years of quickly moving up the ladder to VP, I found myself facing unfamiliar challenges. I am writing this recommendation because I've successfully applied the tools that Yifhat showed me. And critically: the fresh perspective Yifhat brought to light, has recuperated my happiness and excitement at work. It's the combination of credibility from executive experience and being a great listener that makes Yifhat such a great coach.

Vice President of Sales

I started working with Yifhat a few months ago; she has that wonderful combination of wisdom, intelligence, common sense and warmth that has been so empowering. Since working with her I have felt much more self confident at work, learning how to turn ideas into business propositions, which I have been able to sell to clients.

Director, Client Relations

Working in a fast paced environment, Maxine has helped me to manage stressful situations, rationalise the factors underlying conflict with difficult colleagues and focus on my career goals. She has a knack of simplifying what seems complicated and is a joy to talk to.

Marketing and Communications Manager

Ros helped me enormously in moving jobs. She offered practical help, but more importantly she gave me emotional support that I needed when my self-confidence was low.

Solictor in Magic Circle Firm

Maxine’s attention, warmth and insights are transforming. As well as being a highly professional coach, I believe that on a personal level my success really mattered to her. As a result of coaching I feel so much more confident in my choices and ability.

HR Director