Our Clients

Our clients are individuals and teams of partners, managing directors, senior executives, sales managers, middle managers and emerging leaders – people looking to maximise both their personal effectiveness and their impact on the bottom line. We work with people who are looking to enhance their communication, handle challenging colleagues and create highly motivated teams.

Company culture can be influenced at all levels of the organisation, so our programmes challenge and inspire people whatever their role. Our clients use coaching to promote best practice in leadership and to attract and retain their most talented staff.

Our Clients Are

  • Executives transitioning to a new leadership role or directorship.

  • Middle Managers preparing for succession to a senior role.

  • Leadership Teams wanting greater alignment and the skills to work through differences.

  • CEOs seeking a confidential, professional ally who provides support and challenge.

  • Employees addressing a specific difficulty, such as lack of impact, people skills, or anger management.

  • Directors who need support through a challenging time, e.g. restructuring, downsizing or other personal change.

  • Aspiring entrepreneurs looking to develop their potential in business.

  • McDonalds
  • Yahoo!
  • Mediamind
  • NHS
  • Now Pensions
  • Time Inc
  • Havas
  • Media-IQ
  • Push Mind and Body